post ryan

Hanging up on the floor again
Overdosing chewing gum
Shouting dents via brail
Crushing the back home of a snail

And even’s sweet and sour’s odd
Clutching and go touching cloth
Receding barbers going bald

But I just sit there and just nod

I’m in-between break downs
Constantly In recovery

Hanging up on the floor again
Ignore the 5 second rule
Twins are just double yous
A kerfuffle with the psycho muscle

I’m in-between break downs
Constantly In recovery
I’m in recovery

I’m just the same prick

Took it all for granted
Gonna end up homeless
I hid behind the surreal
I’m a bit too much

How are you getting on?
Better, Better, good. How’s yourself?
Look it up

But I couldn’t sing for shit so I shout about crisps
And I never take risks
I have rusty tongue
Clumsy lungs
And they call me safety thumbs
The safest of all fun

And I said I lived in a tent
In my back garden to anyone who’d listen
In a tent for attention
For attention

And I’ve never been an asset
Least they’re kind of laughing at something that I said
I‘m not god, I’m a slob
With a fist full of salt
I’m better
Better bitter
Cos I never understand them
When they use big words
All I do is sit there
And just nod

And at some stage I liked it
Borderline loved it
Now I can’t get out of bed
Oh no, not again
Basically I get Inevitable depression when I do nothing